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  1. I will have been on EMC for 99 days, tomorrow will be my 100th day. I would like to thank the following for keeping me strong and just making me laugh and prosper. PandasEatRamen, Mangelx, 333Kirby, CreppaNinga235, Gobstone308, Gremlindan, LZBZ_DW, Jaari, Monster_, Jellyface14, Lehmaqr, Kosterhaus, Stephan9r9r, Battmeghs , IPwnCreeps, Equinox_Boss, YuriGagarin, JacBiggin, Aikar, ISMOOCH , Green_Mystery, and MUCH MORE!

    To celebrate my 100th day on EMC Tomorrow I will be hosting a part on smp7 14832, their will be giveaways, free casino tickets, competetions, free stuff, and MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE!

    I will need others to help to host the party if you want to, I will need bunches of help setting things up within 1 day.

    As far as when it will start, it will start around 6 : 00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

    It will be one heck of a party!
  2. i want to help what shuld i do
    i haft to get to town tho
  3. Donate, that would help for the prizes.
  4. Love that typo on my name. ;)
    I'll help host the party if you'd like. :D
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  5. I think he misspelled "kevdudeman"

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  6. For me its 241 days yaaaay
  7. Wonderful. Biscuit might also be helping too. :)
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  8. Alrighty. :)
    Pm me with what I need to do.
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  9. *Bumpdidybumpy*
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  10. Happy 100th day!!! Ill try to be there :)
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  11. I hope a lot of people show up because I wasted 20k on this ( I have 569r, theirs no way to make a building. I NEED DONATIONS )
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  12. YEAH YEAH *dance dance dance dance*
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  13. Congrats, keep going strong! Won't be there but this is a significant accomplishment.:D
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  14. I just turned 300 EMC days old yesterday, but that is a huge milestone! Congradulations! I will be there!
  15. I didn't get a mention D:
    I see how it is

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  16. I will have to kill slimes like crazy tomorrow and get a double chest full and auction them. I also added glowstone. Hehe.
  17. Congrats on your tenure, but I'm sad that this party will be held so early. For us 8-5 M-F guys on the west coast, we will not be able to join in. I still have something to donate for your prizes though :)
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  18. Hmmm...enchanted tools eh? What are they:D?
  19. Oh i forgot to add, the party starts TOMORROW, whoops.
    If you would like to drop off your donation for the giveaways come to smp7 14664....
  20. Congrats!
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