10 days is a bit short?

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by PiggzCanFly, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, i was just thinking that 10 days for your plot a bit too short.
    There are new smp servers being released every few months and i don't see why players should have to stuggle and try and make sure they log on within 10 days.
    I do understand that if people really are inactive that the plot should be reset, so i was thinking maybe increase it to a month? Give me your suggestions.
  2. We have found that 10 days is sufficient enough to cover everybodies needs. If you need extended time due to holidays or inability to access the servers, you can contact Justin directly on the site, and he can add you to the "do not reset" list for the period of time you will be absent.
    Generally if a player hasnt been active for 10 days, they are probably not coming back.
  3. Your residence could be rese
    Your cross server vault is NOT reset as part of the 10 day res policy. Also what you are carrying would not be reset. But it probably would be after a bout a year (haven't gotten that far yet).
  4. Thanks for the information.
    I just thought that because there are thousands of spaces on each server, surely you could extend it, but i do see your point. And I respect that.
  5. i agree what if we wnat go on holiday 4 longer
  6. Let Justin know in a private convo and he will see you added to the safe list for the period you will be away, even if it is quite a while.