1 beacon to sell

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  1. got 1 beacon to sell if any 1 is interested tell me what you will pay
  2. Contact Eclipsys
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  3. jwayland on SMP4 is selling one
  4. Please pm me what price you would sell it for.
  5. Ignoramoose is in the market for them too, last i saw.
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  6. That would be us =D
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  7. I just quickly listed him (since i saw him inquiring about them in another forum) so that no one else would beat you two to it:D
  8. hmm lots of interest im not allowed to auction this am i ?
  9. Oh your selling my bad xD I thought you were buying :p
  10. no, you arent allowed to auction according to the mods
  11. You can, but you have to be in game:)
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  12. I will buy for 45,678r!
  13. I think you should be allowed to auction these off.
    At the moment in the rules it stattes that you can only sell DC's DE's and enchants.
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  14. i will buy it for 60k! Right now on SMP1.
  15. I will buy it with all the rupees i have: 477
  16. You're a great one for trying kid, gotta give it to you.
  17. urm sorry to say but nobody will take 477 rupee's for a beacon, it would be like going up to an ender dragon with a stick.
  18. *Insert Chuck Norris joke here*
  19. I have a chuck norris joke:
    Chuck Norris has played pacman only twice and beat the game both times. The ghosts were too afraid to leave their little box and try to stop him
  20. *feather
    You could jam the stick into its eye. Feather, not so much.
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