1.9 Prerelease

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  2. woot woot 1.9
  3. I just wonder how some of the changes are going to effect EMC. 1.9 will make be making some big (really cool) changes to The End and EMC has not had to face the possibility of a reset in "the end" for a very long time (unlike the other dimensions the end only has a single never resetting version on each smp). Also how to prevent trolling via the respawnable the dragon boss.
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  4. That was fast.
  5. 1.9's End changes will be very interesting for EMC, but I feel that what Aikar will do is just reset everything that's at least 500 blocks from 0,0 in the End (since the main island is always around that point), and spawn the gateways in so people can get to the new End content.
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  6. cant you fly in 1.9? :p like squirrel suits
  7. Wait, when you respawn the enderdragon will obsidian towers re-spawn?
  8. hopefully i cant wait to get ma self a egg :p
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  9. I didn't think the egg respawned, just the dragon with slightly less EXP.
  10. The egg doesn't respawn, no. I'm guessing the ability to respawn the dragon will be disabled on EMC as is since that Dragon Tombs update is going to come eventually, and also the fact that dragons are great for XP. Though, you do have to put in a bit of effort to respawn the dragon (You need 4 ghast tears to make the 4 ender crystals), so maybe Aikar will surprise us, who knows.
  11. Wait guys I got this, Ender Dragon farm!
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  12. Odds are, Aikar will disable the Ender Dragon respawning.

    I don't know how he will handle elytra. Hopefully, not much of a change other than a possible elytra flag. PvP arenas will be extremely active near the beginning.
  13. Time to find a design for a chorus farm! :D
  14. That would be a pretty good way to integrate the 1 we have already have into the update but it might need to be further then 500 block (people build bridges pretty far out to make builds/sprawling mansions/enderman farms). Personally I'm hoping that "The End" will work like the other dimensions do (1 never reset for builds and 1 periodically reset for resource exploitation)

    It's kinda a toss up; if the new respawning mechanic is left as is it can be used to harass other players &/or just make the end almost inaccessible; but without the respawn we don't get dragons breath and all the resulting items. Maybe Aikar could move the players spawn point and the outer island portals to a spot well away from the enderdragon spawn (at least until dragon tombs is released).
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  15. I didn't realize it was that close...so excited for all the cool content. Make the notch apples well u can, they are removing the crafting ability only can find them. -sigh-
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  16. This will probably be a problem in parkour as well.
  17. Called "snapshots".
  18. No, it's called a pre-release, not a snapshot.
  19. Blame me! Snapshots aren't pre-releases! My bad! Snapshots are developmental builds! Pre-releases are nearly complete builds, with so many less bugs!
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