1.8 Pretty Great

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Is 1.8 pretty great?

Yes 14 vote(s) 73.7%
Also Yes 5 vote(s) 26.3%
  1. So cool rhyme aside, I don't think 1.8 is all that bad. Please know this is purely my opinion and is probably really under researched.

    Now back to my reasoning:
    1) Farming restriction-The new restrictions on gold and iron farming force people to either go mine or just be active at their farms. Hopefully this will raise the price of gold and iron, which in my opinion is way underpriced.

    2) Trading-Villager trading is finally being, in my opinion, improved with the addition of lapis as a buying option and zombie flesh and melons as a trade option. Although infi traders are no longer available, you should still be able to use a trader such as a white robe with paper and glass trades to get plenty of emeralds( I use this method now because of poor internet connection and I still make 80 emeralds per inventory.)

    3) Enchanting-New enchanting not only lets you see enchantments you are going to buy, but it finally gives a use to lapis lazuli beyond dying the occasional sheep. Unfortunately you can only see one set of enchants and to get them to reset you have to buy one of them, but I think this is still better than not knowing what you are getting.

    4) EXP.-Experience points are harder to obtain, in my experience exp. was way to easy to obtain, I could get 30 points from an enderman farm in about 20 minutes. Although this may seem like a downside, I believe this won't be a problem because all enchanting will now cost less.

    5) Slime blocks- Bounce houses are now a possibility and I look forward to the day when a bounce house drop party is a reality.

    6)Quick mob farming- Mobs such as cows, pigs, wolves, cats, ect. can now be raised faster with whatever you use to make them breed. I don't see how anyone could dislike this but I'm sure someone will come up with something.

    7)Sweet new blocks- Although slime blocks got their own sections I still think all the new blocks like diorite, andesite, and granite deserve a nod too.

    The only true negative I see are the changes to villager breeding, I don't really see any positive to this one in terms of a highly populated server with a strong villager users base but whatevs.

    So, that's my opinion, if you have some kind of counterargument please leave it below.
    Note: If all you can think of to say is "this will ruin the economy" try to come up with a reason why.
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  2. I have to agree with you, 1.8 isn't as bad as people make it sound. Some people just can't get over the fact that they have to modify their farms a little bit and they'll still work.

    Although, I'm not sure I quite like the new enchanting system...
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  3. There are already designs for a gold farm that involves manual killing so I won't be affected, but having to buy an enchant just to refresh is kinda... weird...
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  4. Well, it could have already been like this, we just never knew before!!!!!
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  5. true, but in the new system, each different item type has its own different enchant set, and doing one resets them all. so you could just do a tier one enchant on a book or something to reset them all.
    p.s. book enchanting in 1.8 is so op now.
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  6. Why is book enchanting op?
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  7. Oh, because you can choose
  8. Wait, it shows you want enchant you are buying? Well, that does seem like it will ruin the economy juuust a little bit. On the other hand, it might still be hard to get the enchant you want if you have to buy an enchant to reset the list. But on the other other hand, you can just do what that guy above said and do a level 1 enchant. I'm not sure how I feel about this. o_o

    By the way, I think the new stone blocks are ugly as heck. But I love the slime blocks. They will be a fantastic addition to my wonderland garden.
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  9. What's the new rule for villager breeding? I haven't seen that come up before.
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  10. You have to do trades with the for them to be "ready to trade".
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  11. "ready to breed" not "ready to trade"
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  12. But they murdered the gold farms! and iron farms!
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  13. Not really, now you just have to kill manually and now people can't make tons of money by idling all day, so actually its a plus. :)
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  14. Not for me, I need to recreate my mega gold farm, that took me 3 weeks.
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  15. Also a collecting farm would be more profitable because looting III now works for collecting heads and other rare drops
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  16. I don't care about 1.8. It won't affect me as much as it will affect other people, the day it comes out I'll be like, meh, and keep playing. I just hope the servers I play on will update.
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  17. In my opinion

    The EXP rates are much better. They were too easy.

    The new enchanting system sucks. Though I like how I can get OP gear very easily, that's why it sucks.

    The slime blocks are just plain amazing though.
  18. What did they do to gold and iron farms to make them less effective?
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  19. Made the gold/iron a rare drop causing it to only drop when manually killed.
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  20. That doesn't seem so bad. Well, it's bad for iron farms I guess. But most gold farm designs I've seen usually require the player to give the final blow anyway. o_o Sucks for iron farms, but honestly, you can get just as much iron from mining as you can standing in one place for 6 hours. I never could stand to afk at an iron farm for long. x_x
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