1.5 Update Important Information You should know

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  1. As you should be aware by now, the mojang team are about to release the 1.5 update.

    Let me be clear 1.5 has not been released yet!!!

    The following information is to help you prepare so you can keep playing on the servers after the 1.5 update is released while at the same time letting you play the new 1.5 update.

    As ICC has said if you update you existing minecraft 1.4.7 you will not be able to play on EMC until the Bukkit team have done the new Bukkit update for servers. In adition to this EMC admin also need to update the code for all the other plugin's that the empire servers use.

    So how can you keep using 1.4.7 and also download and use the new 1.5

    Well relitivly simple really, you just make aditional folders inside you %appdata% folder and give them names like mcOld and mcNew.

    When minecraft 1.5 is released you will be given the option to update when you log in, Do Not Update at this point. Instead go to your %appdata% folder and: -

    1. Create 2 new folders name theme mcOld and mcNew.
    2. Place your existing minecraft [1.4.7<-old] into mcOld folder
    3. Go to your desktop and double click to log into minecraft you will be required to input your login details and password, this will Automatically download a new minecraft into your %appdata%
    4. You can now log in and play with the minecraft 1.5 update
    5. With 1.5 you will not be able to play on EMC servers so what to do next
    6. Watch the video
    In the video I show you how you can play 2 differently modded minecraft's one I use for playing on EMC the other for a single player NPC villager mod

    This video was in response to a problem someone was having
  2. Awesome guide! I hope this will help those few players that can't resist to hit that update button =P
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  3. Like me, but I use MCNostalgia :p
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  4. I use magic launcher. It doesn't show you the update button. So you don't know about the update until you try to log in, but you can't cause we updated.
  5. Then I would suggest you make a copy of your existing mincraft and place it in a folder and call it mcOld or mcbackup etc something that you will remember also you do not need to login with magic launcher. you only need it to load your mods once loaded you can log in with your normal mincraft.
  6. I make a copy and rename to the corresponding version "minecraft[1.x.y].jar".
  7. Yes you can name it what you like I just used mcOld and mcNew as examples
  8. I actually just rename my old .jar from "minecraft.jar " to something like "minecraft.147" or "minecraft.OLD" Then you dont need to create new folders, and the files can stay in their normal folder. When you want to play 1.4.7, you just rename 1.5 to "minecraft.NEW" and then rename the old one to "minecraft.jar", similar process for going from 1.5 to 1.4.7 . But, you must do it in that order, or you could possibly save over your old .jar.
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  9. I can see how that might work, but as soon as you log back in it would want to update and you could easily update it by mistake!!
  10. Firstly, good tutorial :)

    Secondly, I would say that copying the entire .minecraft folder seems unnecessary, you can achieve the same effect just by having different .jars within the same "bin" folder
    For example, here is my current "bin" folder within the .minecraft with the four jars that I used currently
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  11. lol, beat me to it
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  12. Haha, yeah i can see that happening:p Its just the method i use for mods (that add extra items and such), so im used to it and also use it for updates:)
  13. actually, from my experience, once you have done updated and switched the jars, it doesn't ask you anymore
  14. SO I take it once you have the updated jar file in the folder even when it is deactivated with minecraft(NEW).jar, it is still recognised so does not offer you to update it. Interesting :D
  15. I'm guessing that the launcher recognises that it has already 1.5 before
  16. Yup, it does. Just tried it with a 1.3.2 jar, and it never asked me to update.
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  17. That's great so more then one way to make a back up.
  18. i just have lots of .minecraft folders going back to 1.2.5
  19. Ah good old 1.2.5 before it all went pear shaped, although much better now. Lets hope 1.5 is a good update