1.5.1 IS OUT

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Socks2, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. A friendly reminder not to update as I am now on my laptop playing 1.5.1.
    Wait until one of the admins gives the okay to update or you will not be able to play, as you all may know.
  2. And so is 1.5.2...
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  3. ummm.... ummm....
  4. ... Weren't we already on 1.5.1...
  5. ... 1.5.1... you can update... it's been out for an age...
  6. What? You can use 1.5.1 on EMC. Seriously, What!?
  7. Yep...
  8. Oh....
    Carry on everybody, don't mind this
  10. I believe you are mistaken - we've already updated to 1.5.1, and there are no issues.
  11. *insert facepalm pictures *
  12. 1.5.2 prerelease is out and will soon be out fully
    Even when, it is only bugfixes and shouldn't affect EMC at all
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  13. Darn, knew I shouldn't have updated to 1.5.1! Can't wait for pistons to be added!
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  14. Keep calm & MINE on
  15. Oh well everyone makes mistakes :)
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