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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by matjam360, Aug 26, 2012.

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  1. 22 Iron Blocks
    3 Gold Blocks
    5 Diamond Blocks
    4 Emerald Blocks
    1 Emerald
    What do these things have in common?
    These are all things that a horrible chest glitch took away. I lost all these items today and I am really angry. I know its been said mods aren't going to give it back from other players. ******* was working on my res and they dissapeared while I was on. Luckily the other contents of the chest are there so I still have my redstone and enchanted picks. Stuff like this makes me want to quit EMC altogether. However some Nice people heard about my loss and donated some stuff to me and I have to thank them. I wish mods where able to give stuff back but they can;t spawn items so I guess its just a horrible loss and I hope 1.3 won;t delete my res.
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  2. Well after some more investiagtion I have to say *** stole my stuff.
  3. Let me sum this up.

    *Blah blah blah stuff that has already been discussed blah lah blah someone took my stuff.*
  4. My Slots have been tampered with many of its things have been stolen as well
    1. Please don't name names/accuse others, I advise you edit names out.
    2. We all hate the bugs, but I'm sure that Justin and Eyecarian are working on squashing them.
    3. I'm sorry that you lost your stuff, but remember that we're all having the same situation right now. :)
    4. The mods can't give you your stuff back because there's no way of telling who genuinely lost stuff and who just wants to make a few quick rupees.
  5. Just guess what 1.4 will be like.
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  6. It will be great!
  7. I could've said it better. Just kidding.
    I would've said exactly what Jack said. But I seriously don't like people the accuse people of stealing when it's just bugs......
  8. It did seem strange at first just certain blocks vanishing and not the chest. I'm glad you found who it was and people got you stuff.
  9. No, they're bugs, not people stealing from you. The mods thought they fixed it but they didn't and we're all in the same boat, so don't go blaming other people for your loss or deciding to quit EMC. It will just prove you give in easy to things others are experiencing.
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  10. Trust me this is not as bad as herbrin3 had it.
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  11. Nope Then Explain how stuff from my dispensers are gone and replaced with different items. My diamond ore in my slots was replaced with dirt. *** He was working on my res so he was the only one with the ability to take it besides me.
  12. Who what's his name?
  13. Mine have too. :/
  14. i am so tired of people complaining about the glitches, can't you just say "oh well" and move on? seriously, i'm so sick of seeing everyone complain. :mad: just deal with it. my god.
  15. You have the right to complain when a bug in Minecraft that's out of your control destroys your hard work.
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  16. the only person that can spawn thing in is Justin... yes ok there are a few problems with 1.3 but sometimes you have to grin and bare the fact that things happen. i personally haven't lost anything but i have been on servers and the mods on there have been absolute drongo's (sorry for the language there was no other way i could put it) and the only reason why me and my friends went back there was because we pressured the admin so much he had to do something about it. but things happen. so i can sort of understand what has happened.
  17. Senior Staff are also creative... and where would ICC get all that TNT is he wasn't creative?
  18. he could buy it and they wont give anything to pole it is a survival server you get your own stuff really and if he gives you something he will have to give other pole things as well because of glitches or whatever
  19. Who' pole?
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