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  1. Who is looking forward to the 1.13.1 update on EMC?

    What's your favourite thing/s in the update?

    What will be the first thing you will do once EMC has updated to 1.13.1?

    Are you planning a new base or outpost in the new biomes?

    Express your thoughts on the update and what shops or businesses you're planning.
  2. When is emc being cleansed to 1.13
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  3. Yes! All the water stuff for me.. so i can update my builds with underwater foliage and more creatures. Already laid gravel in preparation.

    ... and why am i up so late?
  4. All I know about 1.13 is that there are fish and Ill probably build a fish tank. :p
  5. I'm looking forward to finally finishing my netherrail to Jelle's and my outpost, so we can finally make it (with the new biomes (stuff)), and so we can finally play some out of town minecraft again (I literally haven't properly mined in years...). :)

    For the rest, I haven't really kept up with the news at all, so I don't really know what's new. :p
  6. I really apriciate 1.13.1, as most 1.13 bugs are fixed. Observer behaviour is back to 1.12.2 again (well, mostly) piston update order still is messed up (gotta learn that again) for the rest, most of it seems to work properly :p
  7. Water filling blocks with hitboxes smaller than a full block is personally my favorite, it makes underwater builds so much more viable (and current ones more beautiful). There's also the new trapdoors, pressure plates, and buttons for each wood type.

    I need the spruce trapdoor now!!
  8. I enjoy the waterlog feature the most I can finally add a circle to my ocean builds and make ponds even more detailed
  9. Not really part of this discussion, however, I know from past EMC updates that there is a lot of custom code that needs to be tested for conflict with MC update code so everything works and we get as few bugs as possible, hope that answers your question.

    Sounds exciting Raaynn, you will have to post some pictures once EMC is updated.

    Fish, Dolphins that can give help you swim faster, Turtles, all 3D looks amazing

    Sounds great, but there are newer, stronger faster :p well faster ways then rails to travel through the nether such as boats on blue ice, this is crafted from 9 compressed / compact ice. so laid down with slabs every other block you can make a super fast highway, ice slab ice slab system.

    That's good, redstone can be so buggy, I need to use observers more they look like fun and you can use them under water.

    I agree waterlogged blocks look great, although it affects air blocks as ladders and torches will not give you air when placed underwater anymore. However, there is now an underwater beacon "Conduit" then when placed underwater and surrounded by prismarine blocks so that there is a once water sorse block gap, will act as water breathing and night vision when under water.

    The update looks amazing, it's making MC like a brand new game again, making greater use maps by introducing sunken treasure ships, hidden treasure chests, tridents, corrals and blocks and new mobs. I think it will make the game exciting once again for players...
  10. Going to the frontier to find huge black spots. Going to build a giant underwater city/base/military base/whatever
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  11. Exploring is going so much fun. I haven't played actual survival since 1.8, so there are tons of things for me to do. My adventure thing on smp2 will also get tons of progress (waiting on the update to start a water level), so I'm officially @#unhypedn't
  12. Yes, know of blue ice, but the thing with that is that it requires effort, and because the distance is so large, we prefer to just be able to hop into a cart, and do something else while it travels. :) Perhaps blue ice will be the solution for shorter distances, though. :D
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  13. Does blue ice melt?
  14. http://bfy.tw/JcOp :rolleyes:

    Sorry, I couldn't resist. ;P Blue ice does not melt.
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  16. 1.13 has the potential to actually change the way we play Minecraft. The stuff Mojang put into the game is pretty mind blowing, so many in-game features which were previously only possible with 'cheats', mods or custom coding.... (for example bossbars: in the old days you simply renamed a boss, TP'd them somewhere deep below ground (invulnerable) and then updated their health. Nowadays you simply create a new /bossbar, then /execute store bossbar ... and Minecraft does the rest!).

    My favorite feature by far are datapacks, and the new command set. It really takes effort to wrap your head around this new way of "Minecraft scripting" as I like to call it, but once you do... It's a whole new game (or: gaming platform).

    execute as @e[type=minecraft:llama] at @s store success entity @s Variant int 2 if entity @p[distance=..5]
    Put that into a repeating command block and it will turn your llama's brown the very moment you approach them ;)

    That is some the weird stuff which we can do now, and it was completely impossible (like this anyway) in prior versions.
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  17. The Update Aquatic excites me more about 1.14 and future Minecraft updates than 1.13 itself. That is not to say 1.13 was bad; it was revolutionary. But, I do not need it to play the game, unlike past updates. That's partially because I have played Minecraft for seven years.

    When EMC does update, I will play for new resources: kelp, turtles, coral blocks, sea pickles, conduits, and two tridents.
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  18. the frontier is resetting?
  19. No, i'm just saying there are lots of black areas closer to the frontier outposts that are 1 million blocks out
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