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Discussion in 'Products, Businesses, & Services' started by zebrafishcat, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. zebrafishcat Active Member

    Ok so all u lovely computer ppl out there im looking for a new profile picture and maybe even a skin that reflects my name. Basically i want a zebra fish and cat in one. So i plan to give out a prize to the best picture. The prize hasn't been decided yet though, so talk to me!
  2. SparerToaster Distinguished Member

    Here's a profile pic for you
    This was surprisingly difficult.
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  3. zebrafishcat Active Member

    So srry but i could have done this. Dont think you'll win :p
  4. zeke1o0o Well-Known Member

    haha, i can tell lots of time went into making this!
  5. SparerToaster Distinguished Member

    By difficult, I mean Paint.nets lasso tool irritates me very much. So sloppy...
  6. SoulPunisher Contribution Team
    Elite Member

    I've never used the lasso tool :p I just add new layers.
  7. Gottsmote Well-Known Member

    Zebrafishcat = Zebra Pleco


    Yeah, its a tiny little breed of catfish.
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  8. battmeghs Gold Supporter
    Distinguished Member

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  9. Michael_Nolan Distinguished Member

    yea but he doesnt want a zebra catfish, he wants a zebra fish cat
  10. Gottsmote Well-Known Member

    Contact a furry artist about that.
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  11. LZBZ_DW Prominent Member

  12. zebrafishcat Active Member

    did u make this or did u make this?
    GTG to work be back later to decide
  13. will_iamd Well-Known Member

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  14. LZBZ_DW Prominent Member

    Did I make this or did I make this?
    Yes, I made this LOL
    Combined these:
  15. Krysyy Community Manager
    Elite Member

    lol that face looks like my cat when she knows she has woken me up before i wanted to be...
  16. battmeghs Gold Supporter
    Distinguished Member

    wow, i never knew how much of my stuff shows up when you google battmeghs. LOL.
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  17. Tehwafflez Prominent Member

    Even more stuff comes up when you google Tehwafflez :D
  18. zebrafishcat Active Member

    Awsome ur reward shall be........

    2500 rupees *sound good?*
  19. LZBZ_DW Prominent Member

    If this is meant for me, sounds great :)
  20. SparerToaster Distinguished Member

    Awww... Mines Great! :p

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