Xandrow Sells Gold & Glowstone! - 11240

Discussion in 'Products, Businesses, & Services' started by Xandrow, Sep 10, 2012.


Is the price for gold fair?

Yes 15 vote(s) 55.6%
No 12 vote(s) 44.4%
  1. Xandrow Prominent Member

    Xandrow is selling Gold ingots and Glowstone at 11240
    The price for Gold ingots is 9R each
    The price for Glowstone is 14R each

    Rich man got poor so I'm selling stuff I don't need, I will add more stuff later on :p
  2. TrueJob Well-Known Member

    I hope you will add more, I will maybe buy some. :)
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  3. Xandrow Prominent Member

    Dark_Nidus is buying all glowstone :eek:

    Peeps better hurry up :p
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  4. Xandrow Prominent Member

    More gold in the chest :)
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  5. Faithcaster Distinguished Member

    I want gold :D
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  6. Xandrow Prominent Member

    BUY ! :D

    there was a double chest ful, dunno how much is left. :)
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  7. Faithcaster Distinguished Member

    Ingot or Blocks ?
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  8. Xandrow Prominent Member

    Ingots =P
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  9. killerzone Prominent Member

    Hey bro, save some of the glowstone! I need some for my new project
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  10. Xandrow Prominent Member

    Lol I will,
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  11. Gap542 Distinguished Member

    I think Ingots are expensive o.o
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  12. Xandrow Prominent Member

    What do you think is fair then?
  13. XFY Prominent Member

    If money is what you seek, supply me with emeralds...i need A LOT!!
  14. Gap542 Distinguished Member

    on SMP9 I always used to see them around 5-7ish

    most of shops and big players left... The 2 or 3 shops who are half-stocked have them for 8-9r
    Herbrin3... sells them for 9r (The sign he left at his res)

    I wouldn't buy them if over 7r.
  15. zaccyboy23 Active Member

    I need glowstone I'm going to go buy some!
  16. Xandrow Prominent Member

    I don't have emeralds
  17. XFY Prominent Member

    How about nether brick?
  18. Xandrow Prominent Member

    Nice to hear :)
    Iron go for 7-8 so I won't go lower than 8-9 :p

    And hmm WHO stocked Herbrin3 with all his gold hmmm =)
  19. Xandrow Prominent Member

    I don't sell my building blocks, eh I generely don't sell anything not "rareish"
  20. Gap542 Distinguished Member

    I would pay more for iron than for gold. Since iron actually has uses unlike gold block, which are just pretty look.

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