The Incredible Machine Contest: Official Voting Thread

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by JabrZer0, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. tclementi1 Active Member

    just for your info bro it does work blame the server for that ok bro any redstone creation of mine is guaranteed to work dont even talk u dont know crap
  2. tclementi1 Active Member

    never said it was hidden kid
  3. PThagaard Well-Known Member

    Its not the server its your crappy creation... Lol

    Welcome to smp... Redstone now takesbrain..

    You got messured and found to short..
  4. PThagaard Well-Known Member

    Dont complain then.. Its your fugly creation, not mine...

    And ohhh, ido know my redstone :)
  5. cube45 Prominent Member

    I've already made the roaster in my res, but i have no ideas, a printer would take too much room. improoved roaster wont cutit so, what can i build?
  6. PThagaard Well-Known Member

    A unique 24 hour clock that works on smp. Can give you a guide at my res laterif so.
  7. Yukon1200 Prominent Member

    Look guys... I really don't like they way this is going... If you two think your such redstone bosses then you should have entered. Stop bashing other peoples HARD WORK when you didn't do anything, have nothing to back up your arguments, and can't seem to even use a forum correctly (i.g. the 6 posts in a row... just click edit and add to your last one).

    And for the record, even though we all love a good HUGE and disgustingly complex Redstone machine (auto dice roller (EEJester), a working clock (PThagaard), etc) margaritte won because her's wasn't HUGE, and it was very simple. By this I mean, it was able to do something no other entry could and do it really well. No, the wires weren't hidden but who said that is required? out of all of the entries, her's was impressive because it used practically the least wiring to do a huge job. Plus, the community voted her as the grand prize (i.e. NOT YOU), and she won by a pretty decent margin. So stop bashing on other people's stuff, because frankly it's just plain mean, rude, and uncalled for. We are all here to have fun and make some friends :) , not show off how loud you can be.
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  8. tclementi1 Active Member

    ill post a vid of it working in single player relax
  9. PThagaard Well-Known Member

    Why would we care if it doesnt work on EMC?
  10. tclementi1 Active Member

    becuase u keep saying it doesnt work and it does
  11. PThagaard Well-Known Member

    Yes, the one you made on your res with the neat hidden redstone wires - is not working.
  12. FooHundred Well-Known Member

    Great competition and congrats to all that entered, really liked the chicken roaster margaritte.
    I haven't seen one of those up to press on all the tutorial video's i've seen on youtube and it was a useful, good sized machine so i think a well deserved first place :)
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  13. tclementi1 Active Member

    because of server
  14. EEJester Member

    Lol I built my casino in one week after the contest was announced
    i think three weeks was plenty of notice
  15. iinsaneoj Member

    i think this was more of a popularity contest, margaritte did NOT deserve 1st place, look at EEJesters wiring, then look at hers, you will see how much the effort differs.
  16. PThagaard Well-Known Member

    All public votes depends on popularity to be honest.. I think most people (including myself) misunderstood the contest - since it apparently was more about finding a redstone machine that had an everyday purpose then it was finding a redstone machine that was knowledge pended and needed a in-dept redstone knowledge to be created.

    Note: I still believe Margaritte deserved to win - and she has indeed made a very great machine - the comment above has nothing to do with the outcome of the competition but is merely a statement about the contest and the judging of it.

    And yes, EEJester has a great dice machine - its a little bigger then needed - but its very well made and has required alot of know-how and alot of work and time and it has indeed proven him worthy of my respect ( and that ain't all that easy to get with redstone-creations. )

    No, because you lack the redstone knowledge to make it work... It sucks when youtube doesnt show you how to make SMP models - i agree! *pukes*
  17. Yukon1200 Prominent Member

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  18. PThagaard Well-Known Member

    I do believe that it should be more specific next time though - that your not looking for indept hardcore and knowledgebased redstone creations.

    But as stated - it was a VERY amazing contest! I hope there will be one soon!!! (Just dont do it while im on vacation :D!)
  19. margaritte Prominent Member

    Maybe we should specifically have a HARDCORE redstone contest, not just a machine contest?

    I know I wouldn't enter ;)
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  20. Yukon1200 Prominent Member

    We never said anything about not looking for hard stuff. In fact we encouraged them. You two were in the top 4 because that was what you guys did. To be completely honest, as the contest went on, you guys were slowly catching up, but at the rate you were it would have taken another 3 days of voting to get there. also realize that only .56% of the Empire voted.... that's like 130 or so. The participation was very disappointing.

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