The 'I Live In The Wild' Thread

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by bitfed, Jan 30, 2012.

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  1. nmanley Well-Known Member

    I live in the wild when at my XP farm (bed and all) but I keep the important stuff in town. Just the way it's gotta be, for me. :D
  2. XxBoWnZxX666 Active Member

    Thats just the thing, I have never even seen or been to bitfed's as it is on smp3 (I think xD) and the nearest city to me is 13000 blocks! Go check out the EWF :)
  3. apamment Prominent Member

    that's kind of how i work too, i spend most of my time out here, but make daily trips back to town to restock my shop and ferry items that i don't need out in the wild to my underground vault. last thing i want is a reset to be announced and have a million chests full of items to carry back and a week to do it lol

    I did, it says it's not for individuals but for communities:

    I'm not in a wild community, it's just me out here all on my own.
  4. XxBoWnZxX666 Active Member

    Actually we are debating all of that, Ill send you an updated version of it, I have edited some of it,
  5. bitfed Active Member

    You're in it. :)

    It's a fair point.. I can't think of a solution atm.

    You, and every other wild settler is of course welcome here.

    Are you saying that you would like to come out and contribute to future community projects from time to time, but would prefer to remain living in seclusion?
  6. apamment Prominent Member

    Yeah, more or less. I guess I was thinking there are others like me who like living all by themselves, but this EWF might be a good way to meet up and form trust, and if someone gets griefed we can have a working bee to repair the damage.
  7. bitfed Active Member

    I imagine we would have problems allowing any individual to be a Full Member State...but the way the UN handles that is to grant city-states that are relevant enough 'Permanent Observer Status'.

    Atm we have the Correspondent States, which are not officially permanent members, but that's just in the way that once you are a full member state, you cannot be voted out without a unanimous decision by all other Full Member States.

    But perhaps we could give the title of "Permanent etc etc" to 1 people settlements like yours that the Full Member States feel are valuable members. You essentially would be a Correspondent State with "Permanent Observer Status", which is closer to the way the UN does things than I originally proposed last night before we landed on the term "Correspondent States", which is more appropriate.
  8. bitfed Active Member

    Please join us in the EWF thread, submit your settlement for membership and join us in our discussion. You only need a name and some opinions. :)
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  9. bitfed Active Member

    I suggest that none of you get involved with tshack235, or his crew.

    We're being told by moderators that even though he is being rude, is wrong, and is lying, that they wont do anything about it because it's not a bannable offense.

    I'm preparing to abandon my wild community because I invited tshack235 out.

    READ: It does not matter if there are 10 of you against 1 person who refuses to leave, or refuses to stop harassing your community. There is nothing you can do.

    Empire is not the server for living among nature, sorry to share this info, but we can all benefit from knowing it. I suggest you enjoy your communities as they are, and not bring out any children who might ruin your fun.
  10. tshack235 Well-Known Member

    check the conversation immediatly, and i wont be talking to you unless you check it.

    meanwhile, i have done nothing and please dont get involved anyone. you dont know the full story of what we are going through.
  11. bitfed Active Member

    I'm not asking anyone to get involved. I'm informing the community of facts that might affect their communities if they make the same mistake I did.
  12. tshack235 Well-Known Member

    thats it, you wont hear from me anymore. im chucking my macbook out the window
  13. copherfield Well-Known Member

    If this moderator accusation is true, i will have to ask for votation in order to kick him from the Delta Team, i am pretty shure this type of behaviour is not something that should represent the Delta Team.

    Thanks for telling us.
  14. tshack235 Well-Known Member

    and you ACTUALLY believe him?
  15. XxBoWnZxX666 Active Member

    I beleive bitfed 100% tshack is nothing but rude and a straight up jerk.
  16. tshack235 Well-Known Member

    well, thanks for believing me bown......
  17. XxBoWnZxX666 Active Member

    I said I believe bitfed, Tshack is mean, or were you being sarcastic?
  18. copherfield Well-Known Member

    That's why i'm going to ask moderators about this, if they do talk bad about people then it's something pretty wrong from them. But if it's a true accusation i believe you will no longer be our Senior V.P.
  19. XxBoWnZxX666 Active Member

    I would have never let him join delta team in the first place. Once he is removed from something he discloses all its super secret info, so I'd lock out his access to it for now. That;s what he did to bitfed from what I've heard
  20. tshack235 Well-Known Member

    well. I am losing everything because of ONE lie bitfed told about our project.

    and bown. i asked bitfed for permission before bringing friends which we said yes to. and now he said i never asked him. see? he continues to make things up.
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