So my school is banning

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Mrlegitislegit, Aug 31, 2012.


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  1. Mrlegitislegit Elite Member

    So yeah. Whats the reason, because a few kids were swearing in a server, so my school decided to BAN IT FROM EVERYONE. Yes, ban a game that is in no way offensive to anyone, at least without a mod. One thing my school didn't think about. is that people will just upload it to a USB, and then download it on their school account. My school never fails to amuse me... Also, because of this, almost every guy, and some girls, have just lost their means of entertainment during a inside recess.
  2. TrueJob Well-Known Member

    Haha, lol
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  3. TomvanWijnen Distinguished Member

    Wow this fails hard!
    School, there's something wrong with it :p
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  4. nfell2009 Distinguished Member

    my school blocked it ages ago. I cant even google "games"
  5. TrueJob Well-Known Member

    Good thing still exist... :p
  6. nfell2009 Distinguished Member

    Blocked that too so im stuck. I can just check facebook on my iPod
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  7. Mrlegitislegit Elite Member

    Unless educational is first. :p

    Can a mode fix the ever please.
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  8. albinopolarbear1 Well-Known Member

    My school already did that- go around it by doing add an "s" at the end of HTTP- works every time
  9. jrlizard Prominent Member

    our school Banned happy Wheels, but we still found a way around it :D
  10. TrueJob Well-Known Member

    How, tell me?
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  11. nfell2009 Distinguished Member

    I know how to get onto fb


    it works for UK (i think)
  12. mr_petter Well-Known Member

    where's your school? China?
  13. Tai2323 Well-Known Member

    Should be studying in school.

    Then there is college. Still should be studying
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  14. Xandrow Prominent Member

    Why do you even wanna play minecraft in school? I used to hang out with girls all the time, that was the "point" of breaks haha :D

    And there is ways to unlock the site ;) Google is your friend. :)
  15. TheEpic5 Prominent Member

    I can see why
  16. FlevasGR Well-Known Member

    nah my school CANT run minecraft...celeron FTW
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  17. jkjkjk182 Elite Member

    If you use a laptop, get rerouting software:)
  18. Mrlegitislegit Elite Member

    If you came to my school, you would know why I would rather play Minecraft then hang out with girls.
  19. matjam360 Well-Known Member

    School is ignorant like that. So Food Fight Happens. Food is banned from school. Well By the logic they did with Minecraft they would ban food from school. Minecraft is probably E Rated at ERSB.
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  20. IcecreamPepper Well-Known Member

    Don't play Minecraft at school.
    Speak with your friends :)

    Minecraft can be played when you come home :)

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