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Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by battmeghs, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. battmeghs Gold Supporter
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    i'm not the smartest, or know a lot about redstone or how to use it much except for a few things that i have looked up how to accomplish. though, i have a question and i can't seem to find it on the internet. maybe i am not looking hard enough? i don't know, i do know though, that my EMC friends will be able to help me.

    on my single player game i was working on my house entrance, i have double doors like this which operate just like my doors on my utopia residence.

    on the inside i have them to open with pressure plates which opens the doors for me to venture out, but i don't want pressure plates to open them from the outside :eek: otherwise evil things will enter my house at night... we can't have this, so that lever there opens my door just fine, the only problem is is that the pressure plates don't shut it when i walk over them, because the lever is still on. i can however walk close enough to flip the lever (and pray i don't get crunched by the doors when they shut) ... but that isn't a very safe way to enter my house. lol

    is there a way to make that lever run on a timer and kick it to the off position a few seconds after i flip it, or is does anyone have a better way to get the door open? (keep in mind, beside either door is pistons and the redstone work to make the doors work... so i can't go threw the walls)

    nothing i have tried has worked :( like i said, i suck at this, and i would appreciate if someone knew how to help me.

    :) thank you much, Meghs.
  2. SpookUrf Well-Known Member

    why not just put the lever on the inside that controls 2 buttons instead of pressure plates like a lock
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  3. battmeghs Gold Supporter
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    i don't entirely get what you mean.. i'm cunfused how i would still enter from the outside if the switch is on the inside. -please don't mind my lack of knowledge when it comes to redstone >.<
  4. thestar19 Prominent Member

    1min please

    I will upload a vid in about 2 min explaning how I would have done it :)
  5. SpookUrf Well-Known Member

    Or maybe take out the pressure plates, remove lever and replace with 2 buttons (1 on inside 1 on outside) But im no expert at redstone. I let PT be the master :D
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  6. battmeghs Gold Supporter
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    pressure plates or no pressure plates it still wont work, the switch somehow has to be kicked off. i tried buttons, it takes to long to push the button and make it threw the door >.< lol, kind of like at night when you have to pee JUST when you got comfortable in bed... and you run like hell to the bathroom, and run like hell to jump in bed. (you know, as if something is going to get you 0.0 .. but even if you do run it just isn't fast enough. lol)
  7. PThagaard Well-Known Member

    I'll come show you later if needed.

    Basicly you'll need a double circuit for the pressureplates to only CLOSE the door - not open it.
    And a button that can both open and close - and leave that in the current state (open/closed)

    This is done alot easier with 2 buttons (that will SAVE the state)
    Meaning, when you run out to pee, you push the button, go out the door, push the button to close it again - and when you wanna get back in bed, you repeat the above steps (in reverse order - or you'll be peeing in the bed and sleeping in the bathroom)
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  8. thestar19 Prominent Member

    Uploading a small video that descipres how I would have done it,Play around with it in Creativ and you will find a way :)
    To make it work you need to build it that way and just add another tick to the repeater,Forgot to show that in the video :)
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  9. Herbrin3 Well-Known Member

    Use a button instead of a lever.

    (The other answers are good too; I'm just keeping it simple)
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  10. battmeghs Gold Supporter
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    60 second couton: BEGIN!

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  11. thestar19 Prominent Member

    Done,But the vid kind of sucked but it gives you a basic understanding of how to build it :)
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  12. PThagaard Well-Known Member

    Not quite the optimal way - since the lever HAS to be somewhat close to the opposite side of the door for it to be turned off again..

    Anyways: Damn respect that you uploaded a video in NOTIME to explain it :D
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  13. battmeghs Gold Supporter
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    i'm going to try to figure out something, i am sure if i play around with it for another couple hours like i have been.... :( lol maybe i will. that may work and i am going to try it. lol
  14. thestar19 Prominent Member

    No like or "Thank you" for me making video and helping you :(
  15. battmeghs Gold Supporter
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    I liked it. lol I still dunno If that will work. And I'm sure you know I'm thankful.
  16. PThagaard Well-Known Member

    I have the solution for you - but i aint making a video - sorry.

    Would you know how to read a screenshot or two?
  17. PThagaard Well-Known Member

  18. Herbrin3 Well-Known Member

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  19. battmeghs Gold Supporter
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  20. PThagaard Well-Known Member


    Looking forward to seeing it.
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