Nether Stalk?

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Elizabella, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Elizabella Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry if this has been asked before,but does nether wart grow anywhere except for the nether?
  2. NurglesRott Well-Known Member

    Nope - it's only growable in the nether, and you have to be nearby for it to grow as well...
    So a big farm in the nether with some arrows for hunting ghasts while you wait for the 'grass' to grow will get you some nether warts. Otherwise, they are getting very cheap at shops on SMP2 lately... ;)
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  3. Arcaniax Distinguished Member

    Go nurglesrott!
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  4. Elizabella Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the help i have been trying to grow them i town but it never worked so i moved the farm to the nether and they didnt grow there either. Thanks again for the help
  5. NurglesRott Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it's not fun... forgot to mention that it takes a loooooong time for them to grow. I usually plant a lot of about 80, then spend about an hour there killing stuff... after that amount of time about half of them are ready to be harvested. It's slow getting the farm to produce to the point of profit, but can be worth it after it starts turning them out... especially if you make your own potions. One wart can make 3 akward potions, so they go pretty far once you have your own supply. Good luck! :)
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  6. shaunwhite1982 Diamond Supporter
    Prominent Member

    I would suggest making a nether wart farm near a nether fortress also, as you can mine nether bricks and such while waiting for them to grow. :)
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  7. TheTrufflehunter Distinguished Member

    will anyone make a nether stalk farm that people wont greif? ill help
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  8. Elizabella Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the advice i have set up my farm and have been attempting (not very successfully) to fight ghasts while i wait!
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  9. NurglesRott Well-Known Member

    LOL good job! Keep it up and you will be happy with the results eventually. I recommend (strongly) you carry a couple/few 8 minute fire resistance potions on you so while you are there you can recover from any dips into lava you might accidentally take. (Ghasts are pretty good at shooting the floor out from under your feet sometimes!)
    Also, Diamond armour lets you survive for quite a long time in lava too - long enough to chug a fire potion anyway! :p Just some tips from my own sad experience!
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  10. zzbell Member

    How do you make a fire potion?
  11. Sanitymops Active Member

    It is a surprisingly over-complex (and fun imo) system. So you can either gather the ingredients and make your own or you can just go buy one... there are a lot of potion shops on the servers now. You can check out the marketplace forum to find some of the res numbers.
  12. zzbell Member

    Ok thanks!
  13. Elizabella Well-Known Member

    went Back to my farm today and found it was GRIEFED! all the nether stalk was stolen along with the soul sand!
    this is the second time this has happened i have a photo of a sign the griefer left but i'm not sure if they are just framing someone or not! Does griefing in the wild or nether count and if so what should i do about it?
  14. NurglesRott Well-Known Member

    Wow - that is horrible. They left a sign?? :confused:
    I'll leave it to the mods to answer your question about the griefing in the wild, but there are many other wild-griefing-related threads on this forum... I'll link (here) to a recent one.
    The only thing I can really recommend for you is to make your wild/nether stuff faaaaar out of the way in a place which will be difficult to find, even though it is a pain in the butt for you to get there as well. My farm hasn't been found yet, but it may be someday, and I'll be very sad if/when that happens.
    Just remember, griefers are griefers... don't let one bad apple spoil your experience in the Empire. If you are up for trying again, I'd be willing to donate a stack of netherwarts to you so you can start up without breaking your bank - PM me and we will arrange something so you can pick them up at my res later this week. :)
  15. PiggzCanFly Active Member

    I have a really big nether wart farm, and its well hidden and far away from spawn. I get nearly a 64 stack of nether wart a day from it. It has never been griefed. The main trick to a successful farm is making it on an unpopular server and it has to be super far away from spawn, a place where people woudnt go. But you must remember you way back. The more times you make the trip, the better it sets in your memory. Hope this helps.
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  16. NurglesRott Well-Known Member

    Elizabella - I left a chest for you in my shop with some nether warts. It's on SMP2 and my res is 3779. It's in the center of the room next to the big glowstone pillar. I hope you will try again - good luck! :)
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  17. Sanitymops Active Member

    This is why I love Empire :D
  18. Elizabella Well-Known Member

    Thanks Nurglesrott! That helped a lot,in fact everyone's advice helped a lot! thanks guys
  19. BigDavie Senior Staff
    Distinguished Member

    I made a small (6x6) netherwart farm as close to spawn as I could and still keep it hidden. I visited it each day for a full crop (took only mins to travel, harvest and replant). Since it was near spawn I never needed to hang about to keep the area updating. It lasted at least a month before it was discovered. I have since made a new farm far far away but I find the hanging around tedious and I am seriously thinking of making a new farm close to spawn.
  20. margaritte Prominent Member

    What server would you recommend? Farming my wart makes me so nervous, that I usually just stand there and pace over it, wandering off occasionally, and then dashing back whenever anyone new pops up on the map.

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