Minecraft.net Currently DOWN!

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by IcecreamCow, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. hemidodge1 Well-Known Member

    now when i try to log in it tells me failed login can't verify username
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  2. lph9 New Member

  3. kylanrock8 Prominent Member

    I tried every server i play and it says cant verify username.... Notch stop messing stuff up!
  4. lph9 New Member

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  5. kylanrock8 Prominent Member

    And to think that he owns a successful game...
  6. kylanrock8 Prominent Member

    Hmm Iph9 lets talk
    Lets talk on ur wall
  7. modernwar54 Member

    Same here i logged onto smp2 and it said that and i tried again and i got in. When i went back to smp8 i couldnt get on at all. Whats wrong? :(
  8. kylanrock8 Prominent Member

    Notch next time just ask someone else...
  9. feios_gr New Member

    Am I the only who can't verify username?! :( :mad:
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  10. MaCPR0 Well-Known Member

    Yes I called him! :D
  11. NickkG Moderator in Training
    Distinguished Member

    Really i just Got diamond supporter and this happens:(
  12. B4DMAN5IMON Build Team Leader
    Distinguished Member

    daw it must be your fault then :p nah only joking mate, welcome to the rank of diamond though :) enjoy your extra build space :D
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  13. kylanrock8 Prominent Member

  14. kylanrock8 Prominent Member

    What is up with username verifying today....:mad:
  15. IcecreamCow Original Founder
    Elite Member

    No worries, your rupee bonus won't be affected by MC's downtime. :)
  16. chickeneer Developer
    Distinguished Member

    Notch no longer works on Minecraft... I don't know if you knew this.
  17. NickkG Moderator in Training
    Distinguished Member

    It still doest let me Get on!!!!:(
  18. gnyctk Well-Known Member

    It lot get alot of people on your not the only one...be patient and wait it out...play xbox or go out side and mess around...just wait it out
  19. darkruler53 Active Member

    I'm wondering if when it says " Cannot verify username is connected to this, is it?
  20. NickkG Moderator in Training
    Distinguished Member

    ok thanks:) i just got Diamond so i want to play like now:)!!!!!
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