How to Build an Obsidian Generator

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Silken_thread, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. Silken_thread Distinguished Member

    Hi ppl

    I have posted a new video today on how to build a modular obsidian Generator using string.
    with this design you can make it as long as you want making several easy to mine obsidian blocks at one time.

    The original design of this is not mine, but elements of the wiring may be different.

    Anyway the one I built for myself makes a sting of 49 obsidian blocks at a time and it could possibly be 60 on your res maybe a little more at max length of res, unless you have a res on utopia :p

    Anyway hope you enjoy build and share the video, comments, subs and likes on the video are always welcome :D
  2. Silken_thread Distinguished Member

    Tnx for the likes guys
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  3. bonzd67 Prominent Member

    You, sir, are an asset to the community! :D
  4. Kman122000 Prominent Member

  5. Silken_thread Distinguished Member

    Tnx Bonz I am just uploading a new vid on how to install Forge, Optifine and Rei's Minimap should be up in an hour or 2 I hope.
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  6. Silken_thread Distinguished Member

    I think I seen that one, if I am right it only makes 1 obsidian at a time.
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  7. Kman122000 Prominent Member

    That Is true. I believe there is a way to make it tieable.
  8. Silken_thread Distinguished Member

    Possibly, there good and not so good point about this one I showed in the video.

    Makeing a single obi gen you only need 1 string at a time that can also be a negative as it takes longer to get a lot, but if you only have 1 string then you get obi easy.

    With the modular one you get as many as you want at a time and it is quicker, on the down side if don't have enough string you have to put down some temp blocks like dirt so the lava does not destroy hooks, and then lay down what string you have.
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  9. ZBSDKryten Distinguished Member

    Nice one :), though personally I've found that a bucket of water on a lava lake is the most effective - other than the fact that you have to find the lake ( I seem to all too often :().
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  10. Silken_thread Distinguished Member

    lol nice one, yeah think we have all been there
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  11. Silken_thread Distinguished Member

    Good Morning bump:)
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  12. BunnySkyler21 Well-Known Member

  13. Silken_thread Distinguished Member

    I appreciate the likes on here guys but to help me out if you go to view the video on YouTube there is a thumb's up sign under the video to the left which says like pls click that. thank you.
  14. Silken_thread Distinguished Member

  15. BunnySkyler21 Well-Known Member

    Your most welcome Silken_thread :).

    When I get a chance I will add you on youtube XD.
  16. Silken_thread Distinguished Member

    Its been an interesting night I had a good laugh and I hope you did as well :D

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