hi im new...

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by tbhejny, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. tbhejny New Member

    hehe greetings from tx. i am new, but you probbly already noticed if you clicked on the thread. =] i am a competitve swimmer .
  2. 14wcooley Well-Known Member

    Welcome, how did you find us?
  3. tbhejny New Member

    i looked on the minecraft website and empire minecraft was the recomended server and so far it is pretty good. but how do i log in to a server? i ented the address for smp5 and it says bad login?
  4. 14wcooley Well-Known Member

    That problem normally fixes itself. Just restart your computer
  5. AlexChance Moderator
    Elite Member

    Welcome to EMC :)
  6. IPwnCreeps Prominent Member

  7. ImParanoid Prominent Member

    Yea, I'd say restart your minecraft. Also welcome to EMC, if you have any questions please feel free and ask. Many people on here will help you.
  8. Hoi Elite Member

    Welcome to EMC! Best server around...
  9. Tehwafflez Prominent Member

    :).. As I see the welcome bandwagon has arrived as have I.. Welcome to the Empire we don't only have smp5 we have smp1-9 and utopia (supporters only).. I'm on smp1 which one did you decide on making your residence on?
  10. Jeanzl2000 Prominent Member

    Choose smp3!
    Welcome to your DOOM
    (I decided to carry on the tradition)
  11. migueldemesa Prominent Member

    Welcome to EMC :)
  12. DogsRNice Prominent Member

    where do you see that?
  13. IPwnCreeps Prominent Member

    Try using the adress smp5.empire.us
  14. ShadyShannon Distinguished Member

    Yes, indeed, welcome! Are you, like, the son of Michael Phelps? :) Regardless, hope you enjoy your stay!
  15. Slip_Stream Distinguished Member

    Welcome to the Empire! d=:D=b
  16. zSlumDog Distinguished Member

  17. wlchamp78 New Member

    Hello im new to
    it says bad login in for mine too

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