Healing 1.3 & 1.3 Recovery Fund

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by IcecreamCow, Aug 24, 2012.

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  1. IcecreamCow Original Founder
    Elite Member

    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for bearing with us while we looked into the things that were broken by the 1.3 update. Aikar found a huge part of what was causing the problem and we pushed an update to all servers today. As far as we can tell the following issues seem to have been taken care of for the most part:

    • Disappearing pistons
    • Strange rollbacks from chests, inventories & residences
    • Furnaces and brewing stands are now working in town again
    • Some minor lag issues should be less noticeable
    Of course we can't promise everything is okay in the world of Minecraft (will we ever be able to? lol) but as far as we know we're on the right path to things being normal again. We of course will be keeping a close eye on things and always looking to improve where we can.

    For now, we know that everyone lost a lot of things due to this update and unfortunately can't replace every individual thing lost, but we are putting up a 1.3 Recovery Rupee Fund until Tuesday at midnight (Eastern Time).

    We were going to have the fund be 1.3K rupees for the 1.3 update, but I think we're feeling a little dyslexic today and accidently made it 3.1K. ;)

    Edit 8/24/12 (11:00PM EST): It appears a few people are still experiencing the disappearing issue for items. Please be careful with doing anything major yet until we get it figured out. We are getting much less reports of it happening, so hopefully we're close to finding it.

    Edit 8/25/12 (8:16PM EST): Looks like some of the above things that were fixed for a while are now back again. We're still looking into the strangeness that is causing this to happen.
  2. Bobalek Well-Known Member

    Thanks Empire Staff!
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  3. DaJaKoe Distinguished Member

    As long as the medic is using a normal medi-gun, we're good.
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  4. chickeneer Developer
    Distinguished Member

    Love the Pic
  5. IcecreamCow Original Founder
    Elite Member

    I made it myself....by copy and pasting things other people had done.
  6. Manglex Well-Known Member

    Huzzah! The fixes are here. I say suck it to anyone who was complaining about bugs because you guys did this fast, and we get rupees too! Great work guys. Great work. :D
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  7. Equinox_Boss Distinguished Member

    Awesome! Thanks IcecreamCow!
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  8. eyewillkillu Prominent Member

    ive been getting item rollbacks all day i shift click an item and it appeares back into my chest. but on the good note yay my pistons are fine
  9. SparerToaster Distinguished Member

    Yay Dyslexia! That sounded bad... Anyway, I'm glad the bugs have been fixed, this was a pain in the part of your brain that processes pain.
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  10. Hoi Elite Member

    IS that the only reason you post? They should make a rule where whoever posts 1st, 2nd, or 3rd should get banned from the forums if they say, FIRST HAHA PWNED U NOOBLETS.

    Thanks for the updates and lag fixes ICC and Aikar! EMC LOVES YA!
    ( Thanks fo da free rupees to ;) )
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  11. wow thanks :D
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  12. chickeneer Developer
    Distinguished Member

    Ok, now for the rest of my post ...
    I plan not taking the rupees because I dont feel like I lost enough compared to others. I am very glad to hear things should be approaching normal just in time for JustinGuy to finish getting setup with his new home at the beginning of this next month.

    As always Great Work! And I look forward to the addition features to EMC before we know it
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  13. antoniolovex3 Member

    So are theses villagers gonna continue to breed in town? I think it will make the lag like before right? Also the iron golems.
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  14. margaritte Prominent Member

    YAY! Thanks, EMC. Now I can fix my melon musher :D
  15. PRO_G4NGST4 Prominent Member

    Actually as soon as I get off an iPad I'm editing that with an actual response...
  16. chickeneer Developer
    Distinguished Member

    I thought I heard Aikar is working on the over breeding villager problem, but I dont think it has been implemented...
    what about iron golems?
  17. hullmat991 Prominent Member

    off the wall but can we update to 1.3.2?
  18. xoluss Prominent Member

    Thank's for the rupees ICC, I lost A LOT of enchanted items to some of those bugs!
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  19. Hoi Elite Member

    Yea, and also thanks for that tiny glitch. :p
  20. chickeneer Developer
    Distinguished Member

    Yeah you could always update lol
    it was just fixes- mostly :p
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