[Guide] How to Allocate More Memory for Java (Windows + Mac)

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  1. BobTheTomato9798 Prominent Member

    This guide will show you how to allocate more memory for Java, hopefully making your Minecraft run faster. For those that didn't know Minecraft runs on Java.

    Now for those people on Windows 8, Vista, and XP once you open up the control panel it should be that same steps for you. How to open up the control panel:

    Windows 8:
    1. With a mouse, right-click anywhere on the Start screen and then click All apps.

    2. On the Apps screen, swipe or scroll to the right and find the Windows System category.

    3. Press or click on the Control Panel icon under Windows System.

    4. Windows 8 will switch to the Desktop and open the Control Panel.

    Windows Vista:

    Windows XP:

    Now onto the guide!
    Step 1:
    Open the Control Panel:
    ScreenHunter_08 Jan. 10 11.34.jpg

    Step 2:
    Type 'Java' inside the 'Search Control Panel' box.
    ScreenHunter_03 Jan. 10 11.141.jpg

    Step 3:
    Click the Java icon that pops up.
    ScreenHunter_03 Jan. 10 11.14.jpg

    Step 4:
    Click the Java tab.
    ScreenHunter_05 Jan. 10 11.151.jpg

    Step 5:
    Click view...
    ScreenHunter_05 Jan. 10 11.15.jpg

    Step 6:
    Assure there is only ONE line in here, any more lines could cause issues.
    If you have multiple lines uninstall all versions of Java from your system and download Java JDK 7 from the following link. Make sure to get the x64 version if you have a 64-bit OS.
    ScreenHunter_06 Jan. 10 11.15.jpg

    Step 7:
    Change Runtime Parameters.
    Change it depending on how much RAM you have, it is recommend you use 256/512/768/1024/1536/2048.
    For 32-bit Operating Systems 768M is recommended.
    If you have 64-bit, or that doesn't work, continue to try the following
    As I said, this varies depending on how much System RAM you have.

    ScreenHunter_07 Jan. 10 11.15.jpg
    Now I don't own a Mac and I probably never will so I found this video to help:

    Comments, complaints, concerns?
  2. thestar19 Prominent Member

    Great Guide :)
  3. Ahzeriel Prominent Member

    Very nice guide, Thanks Bob ^_^
  4. BobTheTomato9798 Prominent Member

    It always seems to be... Ugh...
    Thank you!
  5. Joshposh70 Prominent Member

    Just curious as to why you say allocate 'More memory' to java, yet you reduce it from 1024MB by default to 800MB
  6. BobTheTomato9798 Prominent Member

    Just an example, it is not what I have it set to as of this moment.
  7. Joshposh70 Prominent Member

    I would suggest changing it to a number that is a binary factor - 256/512/768/1024/1536/2048 - Setting it to 800MB will cause errors.
  8. 1998golfer Distinguished Member

    I always allocate ram using G instead of M after the amount, so its in gb and not mb. So instead of 2048m, you can do 2G.
  9. BobTheTomato9798 Prominent Member

    You could also do that.
  10. IamSaj Prominent Member

    Doesn't show runtime parameters. Is it because I have Java 32-bit?
  11. BobTheTomato9798 Prominent Member

    It should show the runtime parameters. I am also running Wkndows 32bit and Java 32bit. Do you have the latest Java update?
  12. IamSaj Prominent Member

  13. Mustardo_Retardo New Member

    it didn't work for me, ion minecraft it still says that I only have 455MB where as I typed 2048MB into the Java thing, is it because i'm using Windows 7? I don't think that should matter but it's the only thing that I can think of, please help
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    Stickied threads can be bumped.
  16. SkyDragonv8 Elite Member

    Not stickied?
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    I'm pretty sure this was a sticky before...
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