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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Cait1bh, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. SparklesFTW Member

    I still prefer fishing rods :3 Ocelots just scare creepers. Hmm... I should get a cat to sit next to me in a tree. I'll fish creepers towards me. If they land on the tree and don't take damage, the cat makes him scared and he jumps off. Then repeat...
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  2. Darkwellor Active Member

    Redstone muskets. Good stuff.
  3. natfan Well-Known Member

    Well... Seeing as I am Katniss, the Bow. Then snares. Oh wait, no snares in Minecraft yet... Uhhh. TNT Traps! Ohhh... No TNT Traps in EMC. :( I guess the bow then... :)
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  4. smile3 Prominent Member

  5. SparklesFTW Member

    No. Fishing rod.
  6. Jediasher Member

    My favorite weapon is lava and flint and steel:)
  7. Jediasher Member

    how do you make custom achievements and put them on the forums? plz tell me
  8. Jediasher Member

    you can research circle stone generators on youtube but you are signing your own ban sentence:p

    do NOT come running to me if you get banned
  9. Cait1bh Well-Known Member

    Im not gonna do it =) But thanks for telling me anyways! :D
  10. doobadooba Member

    Bow is the best because you can be a ninja and fire from a distance without ever getting touched cus I'm pro like that :D
  11. Cait1bh Well-Known Member

    So your like a mini cactnus? * I think I spelled cactnus wrong *
  12. natfan Well-Known Member

    Do you mean Katniss? 'Cause I'm her. :)
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  13. copherfield Well-Known Member

    A diamond block it's the best tool.
    It makes me look rich and mobs stand back, 'cause im ganging in the club! xP
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  14. SparklesFTW Member

    The best tool is a fishing rod.
  15. SoWhatSydney New Member

    I enjoy the axe... I feel like thor when I use the axe...
  16. DangerousPopcorn Well-Known Member

    Bow power u can just supper spam the right button if a mob is close to you and if its far away from you, you can just snipe him ^_^
  17. Chascarrillo Elite Member

    If we could craft TNT swords the mobs would explode when you hit them with it xD
  18. SparklesFTW Member

    Then we blow up too. Fishing rod all the way.
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  19. Cait1bh Well-Known Member

    What if you loose that diamond block from a mob :( Then you wouldn't be aloud into a club because of loserness :eek:
  20. doobadooba Member

    Are You in Alex hallons hunger games cus I am
    SMP6 And Proud!

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