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Do you think that you should be able to purchase XP bottles in the empire shop?

Yes I think that is a great idea! 14 vote(s) 58.3%
I'm not sure whether this would be a good idea or not... 4 vote(s) 16.7%
No, i think it would disrupt the selling of enchanted pick-axes,and ruin the economy for those items 6 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. Firebox360 Prominent Member

    Hey guys! I was just wondering what the community thought about having those XP bottles in the EMC Shop.
  2. FlevasGR Well-Known Member

    great idea :)
  3. Michael_Nolan Distinguished Member

    how much xp do they give u?
  4. sagem4tt Prominent Member

    Yes but the price needs to be just right otherwise it would upset the enchanted market :)
  5. Leowaste Distinguished Member

    Pllus eould mess with TEXP. Maybe have to make xp bottles not count for texp
  6. jmblade New Member

    Agreed @ Leowaste
  7. Tehwafflez Prominent Member

    i like this idea :D i think they give around 5xp orbs but they could have varing xp also grouping system would only make it 1 orb.. i hope this goes thro i want xp parties :D
  8. newo Well-Known Member

    When the bar shows the number it gives just under 1 of those numbers ( not very much ) any of u know who does sell them though?
  9. iamfuturetrunks Distinguished Member

    Um its already been stated by Jeb or someone at mojang that you will be able to make your own xp bottles in the next update or so. However, I think whatever kind of items they use to make them better either be really cheap to get otherwise it will just be better to kill mobs and get xp that way.
  10. bitmonger20 Well-Known Member

    they probably will make it hard to make the xp bottle or otherwise everyone would have enchanted armor :)
  11. bitmonger20 Well-Known Member

    also the xp bottles wouldn't be worth it because of grouping
  12. newo Well-Known Member

    I have enchanted armour and I don't leve town and I made it myself it only takes 1 point to get the minimum enchantment, most people are running about with enchanted armor ( me )
  13. iamfuturetrunks Distinguished Member

    What do you mean by grouping?

    And if they make it hard to make then its practically worthless to make since killing mobs gets you about 5xp each. There would be no point in adding it if it was hard to make.
  14. Yukon1200 Prominent Member

    maybe in order to make an xp bottle, you need to use up some of your own
  15. Leowaste Distinguished Member

    Thats what i thought too.

    Gives us shop owners a way to sell the XP we have grinded ;p that would ROCK
  16. Yukon1200 Prominent Member

    agreed. That way it wouldn't swell the enchanting either, while adding another shop possibility. Also, I don't use my exp, so I'd gladly sell it

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