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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by JackBiggin, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. JackBiggin Moderator
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    Empire Minecraft Player Panel
    Click to open (hey, we're still doing stuff - link might occasionally break)

    Features (all without connecting to a server):

    • Spotlight:
      • /p a player (with extra stuffs)
      • View online staff
      • View residence info
      • Advanced /who
    • (more coming soon)
    Basically, the EMC Player Panel lets you see all kinds of stuff you'd normally have to connect to a server to (easily) see, as well as putting some extra stuff in a nice and easy to access place. It's still a WIP, so expect features to be added (and suggest some :p), but it's current version, while fairly simple is still nice and stable.

    Bits of code contributed by salesman200, so give him a thanks! :)
  2. PenguinDJ Elite Member

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  3. RainbowChin Senior Staff
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  4. AmusedStew Distinguished Member

    Absolutely amazing ! :D
    Tanks Jack and Salesman!
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  5. 1MB Distinguished Member

    The online status area - when someone is offline - isn't showing.
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  6. JackBiggin Moderator
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    One thing it currently doesn't detect is if the player is banned - not even sure if that's possible. :(
    That's because online status currently doesn't know that they're offline... we're working on it. :p
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  7. brickstrike Prominent Member

  8. jkjkjk182 Elite Member

    Lol why is the "tab" title Superflat World Generator??? :p
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  9. JackBiggin Moderator
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    Copy paste template. Fixoring >_>
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  10. jkjkjk182 Elite Member

    It also might be a decent idea to have it auto refresh every minute or so. :)
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  11. JackBiggin Moderator
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    Yeah, that's an intended update. I just wanted to get it out here before making each "block" refresh individually (whole page refresh would be ugly).
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  12. TomvanWijnen Distinguished Member

    Looks cool!
    New idea; see how long ago the player left. (The 'last seen' thingy)
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  13. JackBiggin Moderator
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    Urm - I don't think we're able to add that. :(
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  14. mba2012 Elite Member

    This is interesting... are we going to have more web based things now?
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  15. JackBiggin Moderator
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    If I can make them. :p
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  16. mba2012 Elite Member

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  17. 1MB Distinguished Member

    Looping auto refreshes are not a good way to go - they require the system to be in a continuous runtime ... instead do an update check ... this causes the page info to change 'only' if the information changes (say - a player logs out for instance) it will switch the info from 'PlayerName + "Online SMP " + SMPNumber' and change if a player goes offline to 'PlayerName + "Offline - Last Seen On SMP " + SMPNumber'
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  18. superdog93 Diamond Supporter
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    Very nice!
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  19. chris_jackson Well-Known Member

    Now that is cool but is there a way to make it more accessible to other players who have not seen this thread for example putting it on the home page of the website?
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  20. TomvanWijnen Distinguished Member

    Yes there is a way to, you need to BUMP the thread. :p
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