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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by iSmooch, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. Annih Active Member

    Maybe if my desk was wide enough and my old 2nd monitor hadn't had an identity crisis. (It thought it was a toaster...)

    Nice setup by the way. Do you run each on a separate vid. card, or...?
  2. Richard_Gecko Well-Known Member

    2 xfired vid cards

    i could fit 4 actually but i dont have a matching 4th =P
  3. Annih Active Member

    Before I forget:
    You can edit/disable the sound effects. For turning off the text message sounds, it's under options>notifications>chat
    If you want to turn off mic clicks, that's options>playback, the check boxes at the bottom.
  4. Annih Active Member

    Wouldn't have guessed that. I'm running 3 Nvidia cards, not SLI, 'cause I run Folding@home.

    You talk like you wouldn't run single cards, why is that? Wouldn't that be better, to separate your non-main monitors from your primary one?
  5. Mrsmiley99 Well-Known Member

    ok, i talked, and no one judged my high pitch voice, thanks guys! i see we are soo friendly!
  6. Richard_Gecko Well-Known Member

    I have no non-main monitors while im working =) yet, the motherboard that im running with has 3 slots, 2 for my vid crads and one for my HD video "INPUT" card, i do video editing every now and then for the company
  7. Annih Active Member

    You have an "input" card? How's that work? Is there some special connection you use?
  8. Richard_Gecko Well-Known Member


    same port as regular vid cards, but this one allows HD video to be streamed to the computer

    kinda like this one, but not THIS one =P
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  9. iSmooch Prominent Member

    at the risk of hijacking the thread....(which is mine so i approve XD)
    input cards are just like video cards in physical sense, they are usually PCIe cards that simply plugin and load the drivers and good to go.

    Now look at your nearest TeleVision. It has a plethora of A/V inputs, while a computer, in stock form "unless a media center PC" rarely has any. So to adjust this, you can simply add a card that allows you to do this. There are many types of cards, as there are many different types of medium our glorious entertainment is delivered these days.

    My first input card had a simple Coxial input and a component (the red/white/yellow cables XD) input. But know you have HD inputs which could include HDMI (which sounds taxing on any computer to pull in that much raw data to a screen XD) or DVI, which is HDMI's little brother.

    Input cards basically turn your computer into some hi-tech TiVo for the most part, giving you the ability to record your shows while you are away and what not. Just with the convience of having all that cool data on the same machine you use for everything else.

    hope this was a help in your understanding of input cards =).

  10. Annih Active Member

  11. RandomGuy5040 Member

    Wow, this is awesome. We need to set up some more Empire Minecraft groups like this. Steam Group, anyone? :D
  12. TheTrufflehunter Distinguished Member

    well this is epic... i might not be able to get teamspeak but ill check in anyways!
  13. TheTrufflehunter Distinguished Member

    I CANT CONNECT!!! PLEASE HELP! do i need to put it in my server-list?
  14. Ryukk132 Well-Known Member

    Read the first page :)
  15. bitfed Active Member

    Boo. Server is down.
  16. KylieVonEngel Member

    any ideas on when back up? i miss peoples already
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  17. Annih Active Member

    Hunt ISMOOCH down? Hunt ISMOOCH down.
  18. nmanley Well-Known Member

    I like three monitors. :D



    Yes that's a NEWEGG.com bill. I buy and build WAY too much computer stuff. :eek:
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  19. MR2R2M Distinguished Member

    Holy cow!! You got the same keyboard as me!! Good job, logitech g15? *edit* Nice poster on the wall bro ;)

    Also, I think TS is down becuase ISMOOCH used a series of satellites which he wasn't supposed to, and the company has found out and shut it down :p
  20. nmanley Well-Known Member

    Thanks Twitch... I'm beginning to think that ISMOOCH fella has to be watched out for. :p

    I love Logitech stuff. I use the G9x mouse and the G25 racing wheel/pedal controller.

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