Chuck Norris

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by smile3, Apr 22, 2012.

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  1. IamSaj Well-Known Member

    OMG...... Are you serious? You BUMPED A THREAD FROM MAY. MAY
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  2. technologygeek Well-Known Member

    oopseey. il buy everyone sum beer teh make ye happeh
  3. Dwight5273 Senior Staff

    Smh *facedesk*
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  4. dylan_frenette Well-Known Member

    *reads every post in thread* * then proceeds to die in every way possible* * is revived by Chuck Norris* * dies from roundhouse kick* true story xD
  5. dylan_frenette Well-Known Member

    you sir... you bump every old thread in exsitance. why arent you banned from the forums yet?
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  6. Chascarrillo Well-Known Member

    Chuck Norris can divide by zero.
  7. Malicaii12 Well-Known Member

    Been said at least 3 times now.
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  8. nfell2009 Well-Known Member

    lol :p i dont read loads of pages cba too
  9. Chascarrillo Well-Known Member

    Chuck Norris can read loads of pages.
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  10. nfell2009 Well-Known Member

    who is he?
  11. Zoebearfun105 Well-Known Member

    That is hilarious.
  12. Tai2323 Well-Known Member

  13. Chascarrillo Well-Known Member

    Dinosaurs looked at Chuck Norris wrong once. Only once.
  14. nfell2009 Well-Known Member

    well if chuck norris looks at me wrong then he will know about it, I'll be the new chuck norris!!
  15. shaunwhite1982 Diamond Supporter

    If Chuck Norris was so tough he wouldn't have allowed this thread to be locked. :p
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